Meet the Author of the
Marshmallows Galore Book

   I grew up in a small New England town in Massachusetts. Life was sweet and safe.
  We drank milk from glass bottles, from local cows, probably right from the farm down the street. Days were filled with imagination and exploration. We played marbles and hopscotch in the driveway. I loved going into the woods and sitting amongst the wild lady slippers to imagine and dream. You could leave your house and never consider locking your doors. Those were the days!
My brother and I would ride our bicycles everywhere and mom wouldn’t have to worry about us. We’d wade in the little brook down the street and catch frogs; I was pretty good at it!
  As a teen, my mom taught me to sew, knit, and bake. I made some of my own outfits and knitted sweaters. Later in life I enjoyed making things for my own children. I still knit today and am a member of a local knitting group, The Knit-Wits! Ha! My granddaughter has expressed her willingness to try it for herself, although she’s only 4, she still tries.
  I grew up, got married and had two beautiful girls. Reading children’s books was the rediscovery of imagination, exploration and most of all dreams. Oh the fun we had! Reading the stories ignited the passion I had for the joy I experienced as a child.
  I would say, “Someday, I’m going to write my own children’s book.”
  But I buried that dream for a later time.
  I cared for my family and was a stay at home mom, such a luxury. Life passed, children grew and left home. I started to think about what I wanted for myself. My dreamed bubbled to the surface, I had an epiphany. I started to write short poems and more of that dream came bubbling up. I wrote a catchy poem about the Red Sox and a Boston newspaper published it. Then I wrote a poem about a famous landmark Maine eatery, “Red’s Eats” and sent it to them. They liked it so much they hung it in their eatery. Later, the Downeast magazine editor contacted me because she was publishing a novelty book about Red’s and asked if she could put my poem in her book. Wow!! I thought maybe this could go somewhere. I joined the Society for Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators and a critique group and forged forward into the abyss.
  I have been writing for many years now and one day decided to not let anything get in the way of publishing my book. I took baby steps. I knew I could probably submit my work but I took the challenge to self-publish. I found an illustrator and set about bringing my dream to life.
  The journey has been the greatest experience. I’ve learned so much from so many wonderful people. I have two more stories ready to go. Each day is a blank slate and that is so inspiring.
  So where will it go from here? Whatever it is, whatever unfolds, I have a knowing that the outcome is more than I ever dreamed possible!
  I still live in Massachusetts with my husband and dog Gerty. Life is good. I love to write read, garden, do yoga and of course knit.

A few of Donna's other
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